See the world & Serve it too

Travelteerism is a boutique tour operator that couples luxury travel with meaningful ways for our clients to connect to the people and places they visit via short volunteer opportunities. Our mission is to craft life-changing travel experiences for our clients while also stewarding lasting relationships for them with the NGOs, non-profits, and social enterprises they visit. We offer custom itineraries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.


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Donor Trips

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Travelteerism crafts unique travel itineraries for non-profits and charities looking to expand their fundraising mechanisms while also deepening their relationships with existing major gift donors.  These trips can raise significant money for charitable organizations, enabling them to do their important work.

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Custom Itineraries

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We recognize that some of the best experiences in life are the most intimate ones.  That is why we offer fully customizable, private tours to some of the most fantastic places on Earth. We then couple those experiences with volunteer opportunities that connect our travelers with a place and its people.

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Wellness Travel

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Travelteerism was founded on the philosophy that travelers are in a unique and fortunate position to make meaningful impact on the places they visit. Our wellness trips take that belief and pair it with trips that are designed for the well-being of mind, body, spirit, and community.

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If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito ~ Dalai Lama

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